Cruiser Hire For First Time Boaters

You may be considering a boating holiday on the Norfolk Broads for the first time. Some might even be a little nervous about taking the controls of a cruiser boat on a river. However, you will be pleased to know that the majority of boats are simple to operate after some brief instructions from the hire company upon collection.
On the Norfolk Broads there are no locks to navigate and over one hundred and twenty miles of beautiful inter-connected waterways to explore. You can decide just how much time you spend boating, exploring or just relaxing and watching the world go by.

Here are some useful tips for first time boaters on the Norfolk Broads;

  • Boat names – Left: Port – Right: Starboard – Back: Stern – Front: Bow
  • Safety first – know how to use your buoyancy aids (life jackets or lifebuoy)
  • Remember the location of the Fire extinguisher, plus the Emergency shut-off valves for the battery, gas and fuel.
  • Have a torch handy and access to a First aid kit
  • Bridge safety: Slow down when approaching a bridge. Check bridge height and ensure you have enough clearance. Lower your canopy and screen if fitted to your boat. Remove any equipment from the top of the boat that is likely to strike the bridge. Ensure nobody is on the deck or the top of the boat when passing under a bridge.
  • Steering your boat on the Norfolk Broads will sometimes need adjustments to take account of tidal currents or the wind.
  • Take your time when mooring. Once you can step ashore, tie the bow rope loosely to start with. Then pull and tie the stern rope tightly. Finally go back and tighten the bow rope to secure the boat safely to the mooring.