Steering Positions on Norfolk Broads Cruiser Boats

We have prepared this guide which details the different types of steering positions available when hiring a cruiser boat on the Norfolk Broads.

Forward Steering Position
Very popular with Norfolk Broads hire boats, the Forward steering position is located inside the cabin at the front of the boat. It offers excellent visibility to the front and sides of the boat.

Dual Steering Cruiser
The dual steering cruiser option includes the choice of steering in the cabin or outside on the deck, allowing you to make the most of the good weather.

Centre Cockpit Cruiser
The centre cockpit cruiser has a large retractable canopy which covers the central steering area located in the boat’s cabin.

Aft Cockpit Cruiser
Located at the rear of the boat and offering good visibility along the full length of the cruiser, this method is also considered easier to steer. They often include a folding roof which offers protection during inclement weather. This steering option is not normally available on larger Norfolk Broads boats.